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Stretchy Containers – Artists on Chewing, Feeding and Letting Go

This publication is based on the project ‘It Happens Anyway’ in Summer 2019 at W139 Amsterdam, which looked to ‘cultivate the conditions for our own artistic maintenance as a shared public act in consideration of the bodily existence and life, the things we can and can’t control, within a web of human and non-human interactions’.
This publication has become an artist-made toolkit –including recipes, conversations, movement instructions– that acts not only as documentation but rather as a reinterpretation of space, events and processes into another kind of activating score.


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Concept & edit: Sachi Miyachi, Nina Glockner and Natasha Rosling
Graphic design: Karoline Świeżyński
Proofreading: Janine Armin, Milo Newman, Pamela Rosling
Language: English
Publisher: n.k.g. publications
Print: Raddraaier SSP drukkers & Drukkerij Kaboem, Amsterdam NL
Edition: 250
Pages: 140
Published in 2020, Amsterdam NL
Supported by AFK Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Stichting Stokroos, W139 

ISBN: 978-9-08-235505-5

All images by The Book Photographer