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Uchinokoto – House Family Inside I

In ‘Voice related, passing now’ fragments of collective memories are revealed by focussing on the relationship between ‘the acting/the instructed’ human being and (daily) objects in the course of time. By developing and executing a certain score of actions which involves specific objects, I construct a home-like / sacred area, inscribe the borders of a territory and share it with a public who is ̶ partly ̶ forced to be involved.


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Concept & Edit: Nina Glockner, Ayumi Higuchi, Sachi Miyachi
Graphic Design: Ayumi Higuchi
Proofreading: Rachel Sato-Banks, Natasha Rosling
Language: Dutch, English, Japanese
Publisher: n.k.g. publications
Translation: Karin Kuwahara and all participating artists
Edition: 400
Pages: 280
Published in 2015, Tokyo JP / Amsterdam NL
Supported by AFK Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Gemeente Amsterdam Oost

ISBN: 978-90-823550-0-0

All images by The Book Photographer